Who’s really running the Philadelphia Mafia in 2018?


On this episode of Mob Talk, the guys take a look at who’s really running the Philadelphia Mafia in 2018.

Mob Experts George Anastasia and Dave Schratwieser talk about the current Philly mafia hierarchy and the status of a few made guys. It’s a bit unclear as to how much of the traditional leadership structure is still in place and exactly how organized the Cosa Nostra family is today. Many still consider Joey Merlino to be the boss of the family but it seems like some shuffling has occurred within the rest of the ranks. According to some information from an informant in the East Coast LCN Enterprise case that Merlino was caught up in Michael “Mikey Lance” Lancelotti has taken a prominent role within the family.


Joseph Merlino


According to court documents the informant JR Rubeo said that Lancelotti was introduced by Merlino at a Christmas Party as the boss of Philadelphia. It seems like Lancelotti could be the new acting boss or street boss of the family or has Joey possibly stepped aside after his latest conviction. Former acting boss Joseph Ligambi still seems to be semi-retired but remains in the mix perhaps as the families consigliere. Former street boss Steven Mazzone and captain George Borgesi may have taken a step back from the mafia at least to some extent or for the time being. It seems like things are once again changing in and around the Philadelphia mafia! Perhaps its time for another generation of mobsters to move into place in The City of Brotherly Love.


Check out the video for even more information and as always George and Dave do a fantastic job covering the mafia in Philly!