Frank Coppa first Bonnano mobster to break vow of silence set to reap his reward


Frank Coppa a one time captain in the Bonanno crime family and its first member to publicly break his vow of silence known as “Omerta” gets rewarded for his betrayal. He flipped back in 2002 after being indicted for third time on racketeering charges in a short two year span. His decision to turn rat is considered by the feds as a seminal moment in the take down of the Bonanno family over the last decade. Once Coppa flipped it induced other mobsters inside the family to follow his lead helping to take down then powerful boss Joseph Massino and dozens of other wiseguys.


massino and frank coppa

“Joseph Massino and Frank Coppa”


Coppa gave the feds detailed information of the inner workings of one of the then strongest New York mafia families as the first made member of the Bonanno’s agreeing to testify for the feds. Among much of the information he supplied prosecutors with was his induction into the family and the commission of various murders carried out by the Bonanno family. Included in those murders was the 1981 hit carried out by Massino and families Sicilian family faction on three rival capo’s and along with murder of capo Dominick “Sonny Black” Napolitano for allowing FBI agent alias Donnie Brasco to infiltrate the family.


He only testified at one trial back the 2004 Massino racketeering and murder trial. Afterwards he was released on bail and has been awaiting sentencing ever since. He admitted to his role in the murder of Sonny Black Napolitano and gave information on 14 mob slayings in total. His rap sheet also includes stock fraud, loan sharking, tax evasion, and drug dealing and technically was facing a sentence of life in prison.


Prosecutors sought a very lenient sentence for what they call his historic decision to become first Bonanno mobster to flip leading to the dismantling of the family. Coppa has been rewarded well for his services getting sentenced to only two years of time served today.