Leonardo Ri‎zzuto, Stefano Sollecito will have separate trial


According to authorities Leonardo Ri‎zzuto and Stefano Sollecito were active leaders in the Montreal mafia when they were busted in Project Magot.

A Superior Court judge agreed to motions filed by both mobsters to have their trial separated from the others arrested in Magot as reported by the Montreal Gazette. Both have been charged with gangsterism and for taking part in a conspiracy to traffic narcotics from 2013-2015. Leonardo is the son of now deceased Rizzuto crime family leader Vito Rizzuto while Stefano is the son of longtime Rizzuto family ally Rocco Sollecito who was killed last year casualty of the bloody Montreal mafia war.


“Leonardo Ri‎zzuto and Stefano Sollecito”


According to court documents, Leonardo who speaks English wanted either a bilingual trial or one in English. Stefano requested to be part of the same separate trial as Rizzuto because of health reasons and because the evidence against them both can easily be isolated from everyone else. In a statement to the court, the judge said he agreed to the request because the prosecutor’s evidence against the alleged mafia leaders is different than the evidence that prosecutors will present against the other co-accused. What remains of the once-powerful Rizzuto family is apparently still under attack as the mafia war in Montreal drags on.


A new trial date for Sollecito and Rizzuto is expected to be set sometime next month.