Montreal mafia, Antonio De Blasio, shot in St-Léonard


Antonio De Blasio a man with ties to the Montreal mafia was shot several times by a hitman Wednesday night in St-Léonard.

According to the report, the 45-year-old De Blasio was near Parc Ladauversière near the corner of de Lisieux and de Paimpol Sts. where a soccer game was being played when a passenger in a vehicle that approached him fired multiple shots. He was rushed to a nearby hospital and died soon afterward according to authorities. Back in 2013 during Project Magot authorities observed De Blasio meeting with Stefano Sollecito who is believed to be one of the current leaders of the Montreal Mafia. The investigation was targeted leaders and high ranking members of multiple criminal organization in the area including the Rizzuto crime family and the Hells Angels.



The ongoing Montreal mafia war has claimed several lives and this seems to be yet another as things remain unsettled in the cities underworld. It is still unclear as to exactly who is behind the repeated attacks on what remains of the Rizzuto family and their allies. Many believe the powerful Calabrian mafia also known as the Ndrangheta is responsible at least in some way for the bloodshed as they move to take back control of Montreal. The violence and bloodshed had subsided over the summer leading some to wonder if perhaps a deal was struck or if a change in leadership had already taken place.


According to authorities no arrest have been made but an investigation is still ongoing. Caroline Chèvrefiles a spokesperson for the SPVM said that surveillance footage from surrounding businesses is going to be reviewed in an effort to identify the attackers.