Bonanno crime family anoints Joseph Cammarano Jr as new street boss


The Bonanno crime family has allegedly anointed Joseph Cammarano Jr as the new street boss as the Cosa Nostra family tries to rebuild its ranks according to the feds.

Law enforcement sources claim he is now the crime family’s highest ranking mobster on the streets and is also serving as acting Underboss. Jailed official boss Michael Mancuso gave his blessing to the promotion of Cammarano sources said, although it’s unclear exactly how much power and influence Mancuso actually still has within the crime family. His new role in the mafia family was revealed by prosecutors at a recent arraignment of three Bonanno family mobsters.


joseph cammarano jr


He is known on the streets as Joe C. Jr. and is the son of former Bonanno family Underboss Joseph Cammarano Sr. who passed away back in 2013 in prison on a murder rap. The crime family has been in disarray for over a decade since former boss Joseph Massino turned on the family becoming the highest ranking mafia rat in history. Since his defection the crime family has had a succession of what is believed to be more than six official and or acting bosses. But law enforcement sources say that even though they keep cutting off the head it has yet to kill the beast and its clear the mob family is once again trying to reorganize.

It may be a tough road for Cammarano Jr. as he tries to replenish the ranks of the beleaguered family as he already has a new FBI target on his back. Although he isn’t exactly a new face for the feds as he served as a capo in the crime family for some time and served a 27 month prison sentence for extortion after strong arming a Colombo family wiseguy back in 2007. Some of the other New York mafia families have seemingly reorganized and strengthened over the past few years establishing new and stable hierarchies. Despite all of the setbacks the Bonanno family has seen in recent years, perhaps Cammarano Jr will be able to produce similar results.