Mafia News: Bonanno Family Street Boss John Palazzolo arrested on fears of mob war


John Palazzolo a reputed street boss of the Bronx based crew in the Bonanno crime family was arrested by the feds for meeting with fellow mobsters a direct violation of his parole.

According to the feds Palazzolo was conspiring with others to attempt to take over Bonanno family operations in Queens and possibly the entire family. This type of move could have unleashed a wave of violence between factions within the Bonanno family and possibly lead to a mafia war according to sources.


John Palazzolo


Palazzolo finished up a 10-year prison sentence on charges of attempted murder and was released back in 2012. He was recently caught by surveillance having extended meetings with Anthony Rabito the current Bonanno family consigliere in the parking lot of a Queens diner. He was also caught meeting with mob members with ties to reputed Bonanno boss Michael “Mikey Nose” Mancuso who is currently doing a stretch in prison.

A source familiar with the situation claims that Palazzolo had lost influence under the current leadership and was planning on taking matters into his own hands. Law enforcement sources claimed once they became aware of his plans they had no choice but to take him off the streets. Seems the potential power struggle set to put the New York mafia family on verge of war also included a yet unnamed imprisoned mobster as well.

Federal Judge Nicholas Garaufis ordered the mobster to be held in prison pending a hearing citing the allegations of a conspiracy to take over the Bonanno crime family. The Bonanno family has recently been trying to rebuild its ranks after an array of mob turncoats including the families former boss and underboss lead to dozens of convictions thinning out the ranks. A major war within one of New York’s five families would be unexpected mafia news to say the least.