Montreal mobster Alessandro Sucapane is headed home


Alessandro Sucapane has been released from the halfway house where he has spent the last six months after being released from prison last year.

The Parole Board of Canada is allowing the 54-year-old mobster to return home. He was sentenced to 10 years behind bar’s back in 2015 on multiple charges associated with project Clemenza including drug trafficking and gangsterism. Alessandro’s case for being released was aided by the RCMP who told the board that he was no longer a person of interest and there were reasons to believe that he had retired from the Mafia.  Among his parole stipulations is having to avoid anyone known to be involved in criminal activities. Sucapane was a key lieutenant of former Montreal Mafia leader Giuseppe De Vito.


Alessandro Sucapane

“Alessandro Sucapane”


In the five-page decision released by the commissioners last month, they wrote “You said you have been withdrawn since 2013 and others have taken your place. You now want to dedicate yourself to your job as a manager, salesman, and businessman, and make your family your priority. In addition, your friend’s death and incarceration influenced your decision to stay away from the criminal scene.” His former boss De Vito was killed after being poisoned with cyanide back in 2013.

De Vito along with fellow mobsters Raynald Desjardins and deported NY Mafia boss Salvatore Montagna were part of an insurrection within the Rizzuto crime family. They tried to take control of the Montreal mob from the Rizzuto’s while longtime godfather Vito Rizzuto was behind bars. Their attempted coup that began in the late 2000s led to tons of violence and bloodshed and evolved into the still ongoing Montreal mafia war. To date, there have been over 100 deaths associated with the conflict that stretches from Montreal to Ontario and beyond.

The war claimed the lives of many of De Vito’s top men including Giuseppe (Joe Closure) Colapelle, Vinnie Scuderi and Nick Di Marco. While Alessandro Sucapane may indeed be done with the Mafia the questions of whether or not the mob is done with him remains. The Rizzuto family may not be the powerhouse they once were but they remain a key part of the organized crime landscape in Montreal. When it comes to the Mob old grievances are seldom forgotten and the Rizzuto’s seem to be reorganizing at least to an extent under new boss Stefano Sollecito.


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