Bonanno family mobster Vito Badamo pleads guilty


Vito Badamo an alleged member of the Bonanno crime family pleaded guilty to attempted enterprise corruption and will avoid trial.

The 54-year-old mobster was busted back in 2013 along with other members of his New York mafia crew on various charges including illegal gambling, loansharking, extortion, and drug trafficking. According to reports, Badamo is now facing up to seven years behind bars for his crimes. A previous case in 2016 against the Cosa Nostra crew which included Badamo, Anthony Santoro, Ernest Aiello, and Nicholas Santora ended in a mistrial.


“Vito Badamo”


Anthony “Skinny” Santoro also plead guilty to attempted enterprise corruption and he is now facing between four and eight years behind bars. According to the feds, aging Bonanno family captain Nicky Santora was in control of the mafia crew and their criminal operations. The 74-year-old Santora has been released from prison but is reportedly in poor health and currently hospitalized. He is awaiting trial after being charged with illegal gambling, loan sharking, corruption, and drug dealing.