Bonanno family mobster Anthony Santoro pleads guilty


Bonanno crime family mobster Anthony “Skinny” Santoro has pleaded guilty to attempted enterprise corruption and now faces between four and eight years in state prison according to a recent report.

Santoro was part of a nine-man Bonanno family crew busted on back in 2013 that included co-defendants Nicholas Santora, Ernest Aiello, and Vito Badamo. The New York mafia crew was charged with various crimes including enterprise corruption including illegal gambling, drug dealing, enterprise corruption. The 53-year-old mobster must also admit his role in the Cosa Nostra families criminal enterprise according to his plea agreement. According to prosecutors, Santoro was a key player in the Bonanno families gambling and drug operations.


“Anthony Santoro”


The NY mafia crew was put on trial last year but the case ended in a mistrial due to juror dissension. Before Santoro was hit with state charges he had to plead guilty to operating a mafia controlled illegal gambling operating in Connecticut in a still pending federal case. He was sentenced to eight months in prison bac in 2013 in that case but was hit with the state charges before he could serve that time. Santoro was denied bail and has been behind bars since 2013 and has agreed to waive an appeal and has agreed to pay over $45 grand in forfeitures in the state case. Co-defendants Badamo and Aiello have also pleaded guilty and are awaiting sentencing while the case against Santora is still pending.


“Bonanno family crew left to Right: Vito Badamo, Ernest Aiello, Anthony Santoro, Nicky Santora“


Badamo also plead guilty to attempted enterprise corruption and must admit it was done in connection with an organized crime enterprise. He is now facing anywhere between three and a half years to seven years behind bars. Aiello plead guilty to promoting gambling in the first degree in connection with an organized crime enterprise and is facing between two and four years in prison. Santora who prosecutors claim is a captain in the Bonanno family and was in control of the mafia crew was released on bail earlier this year while the DA in Manhattan pursues a retrial.


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